Stephen Dann


Standing for the ANZMAC Executive


Hi there.
2007! A year long remembered, a year I stood for office...without actually campaigning for office. I stood for election to the board of the ANZMAC executive, and didn't win a position.

Some parts went well, some things didn't work so well, and I had the opportunity to learn about the ANZMAC executive election process.


100 word pitch (my version)

Dr Stephen Dann (stephendann.net) BA B.Com (Hons) PhD, Senior Lecturer ANU
As an active member of ANZMAC over the past decade, I am committed to the ongoing process of raising the profile of the Marketing Academy through the promotion of Australian and New Zealand research. Having been an ANZMAC delegate, co-track chair and sponsor, I believe the research-quality agenda represents an opportunity to promote this Academy and our discipline to the community. To this end, I am standing for the ANZMAC Executive with the aim to bring my e-marketing, journalism and sponsorship industry skills to assist the Board as it faces the challenges of the RQF/PQRF era.


Lessons learned...

There are a few lessons from any dry run on a political system. Here's my take out from the 2007 election
  • 75 of ~400 eligible candidates voted.  Voluntary voting, confusion over voting format, and lack of motivation influences the total pool of voters available.  Increasing the total pool of voting candidates is a personal goal for 2008
  • Paid members are eligible to vote - ANZMAC conference attendees are automatically members for the following year, and others can join online
  • There are a few areas of uncertainty in the process which will need clarifying
    • The nomination process includes "Nominee Biography (No more than 100 words)" on the nomination form, and a later call for nominee statements.  If you fill out the Nominee biography, this is not overruled by the later call for statements. This was a mistake I made in the 2007 election.
    • The voting looks like a preferential system, but the vote tally seems to be based on first past the post


Why did I stand?

I have three reasons for standing for office.

  1. It's time to payback some of what I've taken out of ANZMAC.

  2. I talk big. I've been a critic of ANZMAC, and it's time to chip in and help out, or shut up and walk away.  I love the place too much to walk away.

  3. I believe in ANZMAC. That's why I put the money in, and why I want to put the time in, and why I do criticise it when things are going wrong.


What do I hope to achieve?

I have a few pre-election goals that can be achieved even without winning office.

  1. Open elections.  I am satisfied that the Executive was contested rather than appointed because more people than positions stood up to be counted (achieved in 2007)

  2. Improved Process.  Experience creates improvement - if the elections are contested from here on in, ANZMAC is going to be a healthy organisation that can build on the organisational experience of each election.  For instance, should the election be preferential? Should candidates organise into factions/tickets? Would that improve the Executive? the vote? Would it be useful, viable or counterproductive?  All of these things will be discovered over time

  3. Increased Participation levels.  I don't mind if people vote for me or against me, so long as they're participating in the process. 


Policy Platforms /  Election Goals

Revamped Conference Proceedings Archive

  • I would like to see the ANZMAC conference proceedings archive overhauled to become much more accessible through a set of consistent design standards for each year of the conference proceedings.

Improved Transparency

  • ANZMAC has a range of checks and balances which are difficult, but not impossible, to uncover for the determined investigative type.  As a student of government, politics and law, I am an advocate for open processes, clear lines of demarcation, open declarations of conflicts of interest, and the principle of not just being accountable, but being seen to be accountable.


Will I stand again?

Probably.  I have to think it through over the first half of the year, but I'm leaning towards running again - probably in 2009.  I would be interested in supporting other candidates looking to put a ticket together for ANZMAC 08-09 elections



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