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Welcome to the Free Range Spam Poetry Clinic


Bizarrely enough...

The Free Range Spam Poetry Clinic was featured in the news - AFP writer Richard Ingham did a piece on spam as poetry fodder, and linked up to this little ol' spam poem site

(Read the article over here - Spam becomes art as junk mail inspires poets)


Background: Prelude to the Poetry

I'd been away from my e-mail for 24 hours when a fresh wave of spam blasted past my filter system (800 filters and still it appears).  So, I set about cleaning out the inbox when I noticed that there was just enough coherent sentence structure to the surviving spam to form a few phrases. As a joke, I decided to take the inbox harvest and put it into a free form poem, and it worked reasonably well

Account Over Due

View Other naughty singles
Direct to your doorstep
own your competitors domain name
your bank is one option, low rates are the other
12 cup maker, 2 boxes 2 mug &stainless steel scoop
claim your $25 target gift card.
I have to go home
wow shocking 
new dial up technology discovered
bright young faces
beautiful figures
Into a pool
impressing it upon
capital at Tiberias
New formula

Rules to use to aid construction 

  1. Prepare the reading. Remove all non-spam from the mail cache (either your junk mail box, inbox or spam filter)
  2. In order of arrival, the first spam message is the title of the poem.
  3. Move through the list, taking each message as a separate line of the poem.  
  4. Use only the full english words from the header / title, and move to the next line down when the spam either uses random letters or a misspelt word.  

    For example - "With this your dreams b3come true" gives you the line "With this your dreams".  "W.th th.s grow lon.ger sdl;k; Xanax" only scores the word "grow"
  5. Where your spam poem reading produces a single word line, it's up to you to use or reject the word if it doesn't fit the rest of the poem
  6. Type up the resulting freespam verse, and post it somewhere.


With this your dreams become true
government grant money giveaway
must matter to
make $24,000 in 24 hours online
is too expensive, this is better.
Buy Xanax Online
Get Budget Living Magazine and a DVD Player. No Cost
a friend set you up
quotation of butterfly valves and ball valves
Yes, of course,
Take surveys; Get paid and set your own schedule
you must see
as much as 
always open
Hey I bought my man the patch
the bond is down again
Important information for contact lens users
restory hair colour and growth
less on your home 
last up to 36 hours by this
Norton's Antivirus at a very low price
No more buying live sporting events
barely of age and loving it.
everybody turned true! 
you're perfect already, 
stood quiet surprise your spouse!
ever departing from 
the next door incombustible haven 
holster Government funding program

Google for more spam poetry or free range spam poetry

Post Lude

There are many things that I have done in my life that are based purely on spur of the moment decisions, and not taking life too seriously. This is one of them, and the fact the page made itself merry way around the AFP wires, and into a variety of newspapers is proof that you can never afford to take life seriously all the time.  After all, if I had, I'd never have made the presses for the Ode to Xanax, and contemporary poetry would have been just that little bit better off for it all.



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