Welcome to the Other Other Talk Like A Pirate Day site. I'm your host, Cap'n $tephen Dann, of the pirate cutter Nekotime

The Other Other  Talk Like A Pirate Day site is host to Pirate Day icons, banners, desktop backgrounds and the nefariously infamous Keenspace/ComicGenesis  Talk Like A Pirate Day Comic crossover list.

Now, spread the word yee land luving scurvy dog! Let's be making 2005 a Yarr t' Remember!

Shout outs to the Grand Master Admirals (with the biggest hats) Chumbucket and Cap'n Slappy with the site that site it all - The Talk Like A Pirate site.  Props and bountiful supplies of rum and gold to the UK Pirates led by Cap'n Tom at Yarr!.org.uk

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