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Welcome to the Internet. Here's where I can be found in plain sight

My sideline projects

Designated Sidekick Feminist blogging, comics critique and market research on the comic book industry.  Features coarse language, critical assessment of pop culture and considerable indignation at the sexist garbage presented to male readers as acceptable content.
MerchantsofSloth. I've decided to set up a Myspace account to distribute the merchants of sloth mp3s on someone else's bandwidth and expense. Thanks Uncle Rupert!

Off-site hosting

aNobii My book collection, including details of my own books.
Flickr.com This is where my photoalbums now live.  Most of the images on there are under a Creative Commons licence for remix and use, and I've had my photos embedded in a range of poster, event programmes, software packages and even in a book in Second Life.
Slideshare This is where I'm keeping all of my powerpoint presentations from conferences, and the occasional one that was written for inclass teaching or the fun of it.
Scribd I've shifted my entire portfolio of written works across to the Scribd site as part of a long term shift into using third-party distribution networks.

Social Networks

Orkut Google's semi-sort of waste of bandwidth social networking site. I have one because I have G-mail.
LinkedIn Linkedin is another one of the social media sites where I'm really not sure what it does, if, indeed, it does anything at all that's useful for my life.  Still, I have one, and feel free to connect to me to say hi and see if we can't figure this thing out together.
Lastfm Proof of the random nature of my musical tastes, and just how deep the rabbit hole goes when it comes to my love of bad pop music.
Technorati Everything about me you never cared to know.
Blogger My profile on Blogger. I never get around to updating the blog, but the login for leaving comments around the rest of the 'tubes is very useful.
MySpace DesignatedSidekick and Stephendann. After years of mocking Myspace, I have two name placeholder accounts there, and now feel full justified in mocking the site for the awful way you have to edit the raw codes to make it do anything interesting.  Hideous gelfing of a site.
Facebook The timewaster du jour of the internet.  I'm on there as per usual, although I can't quite figure out what people do with it for work purposes, or get interested in the groups functions.  I was addicted to the Pirates game, but I got better.


Twitter There are actually three accounts, but the other two just do blogging updates and alerts.

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