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Dr $tephen Dann

Rogue. Marketer. A man with a dollar sign, a plan, and no relation to Panama.

A Senior Lecturer by trade, and a caped crusader for feminism in comic books by night, day or whenever he's on the internet.  A male feminist blogger for Girl-Wonder.org, and man who's got his own gender identity sorted out, despite the fact the world conspires to call him Ms more times than random chance would allow.  (Even his namesake ship is called Stephen Dann on the page and Stephanie Dann in the page title). 

In his day time role as mild manner reporter for the the School of Management, Marketing and International Business, College of Business and Economics at the Australian National University, Stephen spends a lot of time if he ever has to tell people where he works.  It's almost as bad as being the station guard at Llanfairpwllgwyngyllgogerychwyrndrobwllllantysiliogogogoch. Stephen says almost, because the full address of his work is only four characters shorter than saying that Llanfair place twice.

When not engaging in random acts of teaching, researching or doing productive work, Stephen can be found on the internet.  This is true in a literal sense, since you're at the Stephendann.net website, and a less literal sense in that Stephen might be a little bit addicted to the online world.  Plus, there is that constant struggle for supremacy in Unreal Tournament. 

When trying to conquer the world, his research interests include social change marketing, political marketing and the adaptation of commercial marketing to non commercial applications such as behavioural change. For those of you following at home, this means that Stephen is paid to figure out the optimum way to get people to do what he wants them to do, and maybe even pay him for the privilege.  This is why the American government commissioned the internet as a safety mechanism to distract Stephen with a supply of shiny things.

He has written. By the gods has he written. He just won't stop.  Since quitting journalism because it required too few words, he has embarked on a quest to single handedly make up for the word count export deficit incurred by importing Harry Potter novels. Having honed his trade in the newsgroup aus.tv.x-files, where he would account for 25% of the posted traffic in any given month, he took advanced majors in verbosity and minors in sleep deprivation, caffeine addiction and temporal distortion to complete three full length text book manuscripts in less than six years, a screen play, a full nanowrimo novel, two partial novels, a lot of e-mail, and a metric truck load of conference papers. [The International Cartel of Marketing Journal Editors are grateful to the US government for commissioning the Internet to distract Stephen from ever deciding publishing in journal is more fun than writing web pages.]

Along the road to wrist ruination and RSI injuries with RSI injuries, Stephen has researched and published in a diverse range of marketing content.  So diverse, that there are fourteen categories for what he has written, and that excludes any of that new stuff he's been raving about in the lectures.

As an attempt to slow him down, sometimes the world conspires to make him travel across the country or the planet to present his conference papers in marketing, and has traveled internationally to present his work to a wide range of audiences.  He's even gotten out of London alive after presenting a paper on the use of Princess Diana's image in road safety seatbelt advertising to a conference full of Diana fans. 

Stephen has a PhD and Spinsters degree in Commerce (with Honours) from Griffith University, Australia.  There's also a Spinsters of Arts majoring in government and Law from the University of Queensland, and half a graduate Certificate in Higher Education from Griffith University.  During his tour of duty as a student, Stephen managed to complete a three year arts degree in four years, and a three year PhD in two and half.  Due to the laws of temporal consistency, the one year degree just evened itself out.

Back in the day, also known as 1999, he and his tag team paper Dr Susan Dann won the University of the Sunshine Coast and AGB Australia Best Academic Paper Award for his article on “Street Level Marketing”. They have since defended the title belt several times, and remain undisputed champions of street level marketing.  Recently, they contest the Introduction to Marketing core text tag team royal rumble, only to be eliminated by reigning heavyweight champions Kotler. They came back into the title belt contention with the 2007 release of Competitive Marketing Strategy.

  • Spinsters of Arts*
  • Spinsters of Commerce with Honours (First)
  • PhD

*Bachelors degrees and Spinsters Degrees should be interchangeable titles

  • Prince of Insufficient Sleep
  • $teve, Slayer of "It was working a minute ago" Installations of Windows
  • Designated Sidekick
  • AutoAssault
    • Human Level 70 Engineer and Level 64+ Commando (Defunct Skills)
  • World of Warcraft
    • Character Class Rogue, Hunter, Warrior (lvl30)
    • World of Warcraft AuctionHouse.
  • Unreal Tournament
    • Flak Cannon, Unreal Tournament 2004
    • Sniper Rifle, Unreal Tournament
      • (static sniping and running around using it as an oversized pistol)
  • Making the magic happen
  • Time Distortion
Gaming Experience
(New Skool Video)
  • Quake 2- Quake 4
  • Unreal Tournament
  • Unreal Tournament 2003
  • Unreal Tournament 2004
  • Doom 2
  • Doom 3
  • Star Wars Battlefield
  • Star Wars Battlefield 2
  • Autoassault
  • City of Heroes
  • Atari Asteroids (clocked twice)
  • Sonic the Hedgehog
  • Bomberman
  • Serious Sam I and Serious Sam II (seriously)
  • Empire Earth
  • World of Warcraft
Gaming Experience
(OldSkool RPG)
  • Paranoia (referee and player)
  • Rolemaster (player)
  • TMNT and other strangeness (Player)
  • Traveller (d6 version, player and referee)
  • Dungeons and Dragons 1 and 2nd edition
  • Hunter Planet
  • Warhammer Fanasty Battle (First Edition)
Graphics Design
  • Adobe Creative Suite 1 2 and 3 (3 years, shortened with parole),
  • Adobe Photoshop (13 years of screwing around making parodies, icons and touching up photographs to look better),
  • Adobe Freehand (4 years of making fanzines),
  • Adobe Pagemaker (6 years of fanzines)
Website Design
  • Microsoft Frontpage (6 years of being mocked by people who are too cool to admit they use MS products)
  • Dreamweaver (2 years of migraines and hating the damn thing)
Online Software
  • PhpBulletin Board Set up and Moderation systems
  • Blogging software including Blogger (3 years), Wordpress (3 years)
  • Yahoo Mailing List Web Based Moderation Systems
  • Australian (Fluent)
  • Light Geek (Fluent)
  • Gamer Geek (Conversational and written)
  • L33T (\/\/r1773n only)
  • Deep Geek (Written and Conversational)
  • Guy (Fluent written, fluent conversational)
  • Girl (Semifluent, written and conversational)
Employment History

In the elapsed timeframe between currently being Senőr Lecturer @ ANU and an unemployed undergrad Stephen has held the following positions

  • Senior Lecturer

  • Post Doctoral Fellow

    • School of Advertising Marketing and Public Relations
      Faculty of Business,

    •  Queensland University of Technology,

  • Senior consultant for the Australia-based sports arts and entertainment ratings agency Sparten

  • Lecturer for the School of Marketing, Griffith University, Australia.

  • Editor of the UQ Student Union newspaper Semper Floreat

  • Road crew for a cafe cabaret band.


UQ Student Life Prior to Semper, he was an ordinary undergraduate student by day, and the internet hadn't been popularly released so Stephen tended to sleep at night.
Semper Floreat Stephen was elected to the office of Editor of the student union newspaper of the University of Queensland. For one year, he ran Semper with David "Davo" Bolton. For half a year, there was another editor, but nobody remembers much about him, which is a shame, because he was there, and he did contribute to Semper. His name is Cameron Ward, and he was a valued member of the Timelords team, even if he and Stephen did part on the ugliest of internal office memo exchanges.

At Semper, Stephen's tasks included editing, writing, layout, design, herding cats, throwing parties, layout, stocking the nerf rifles, recruiting writers, layout, graphics design, writing and making the magic happen.

Turns out somebody was quite good at making the magic happen (and he did do a lot of layout)

The Griffith Crusade Beginning a new life as a commerce student in 1995, Stephen left the heady lowlife of UQ student politics and promptly failed to become anonymous.  After blitzmode studying his way through to a First Class Honours in Commerce, setting the School's record for being the first full time first class Honours student they'd produced, he then went on to have four coauthored journal articles published.  Coincidently, this flurry of journal activity was before the widespread availability of broadband internet access.

Whilst at Griffith, Stephen completed a PhD in 2 and half years (or 18 months if you count the time from "This is the topic" to "Here's the thesis. I'm gonna go take a nap").  At the conclusion of his thesis, Stephen created three trial adverts for the use of Princess Diana's image as a seat belt endorser.  One thing led to another, and Stephen found himself in London, on the one year anniversary of Diana's death, presenting to a crowd of Diana-philes on how her death could be used for advertising purposes. 

In a Harry Potteresque turn of events, Stephen became the boy who lived, and this sort of thing set the tone for the rest of his career.

The Sparten Chronicles Stephen was lured out of the forests of Griffith University by the promise of caffeine, money and all the trouble he could make in the private sector.  To hide his secret identity, he was appointed Senior Consultant in Research and Development for the Australia-based sports sponsorship ratings agency Sparten.

At Sparten, Stephen revised his role as miracle maker for hire, once more thrust into the unstable and highly fun world of short deadlines and long lead time projects, he continued to "make the magic happen" by producing more quality and quantity than should be possibly without the use of a time machine.  He denies having a time machine, just a good working understanding of time compression, and a beta copy of Winzip for Temporal Fluxes.

During this sojourn into industry, he called the entire of the marketing academy who cares about journal ranks the "biggest pack of rankers" he'd ever seen, and followed this stunning level of tact by telling a few too many industry truths at a special session where he represented the voice of young academics (whilst safely having an industry job that didn't have a Dean or Head of School)

This was not the career ending blaze of glory he was expecting.

QUT Work QUT demonstrated that the cabal of Marketing Academics Who $teve's REALLY Ticked off wasn't as widespread as first believed as Captain Career Limiting Move found a new home.  Whilst working for QUT, Stephen wrote one book adaptation, one new book, nine conference papers and played a lot of Yahoo!Games.  He's banned himself from playing RocketMania in order to regaining the full use of his right arm.

As part of a trade agreement with the private sector, Stephen returned to the academic industry where he promised to only use his powers for good.  Nobody actually defined the parameter "good" and he was left to himself with an office, a computer and year's supply of the Internet. An opportunist by nature, and a fast twitch curiosity leads him to chasing numerous research projects down blind alleys. With the patience of a cat and the subtly of carpet bombing, Stephen will assault a topic area, blaze away at it, and then wander off to pursue a new idea. This academic research methodology may have influenced US foreign policy.

This attempt at world domination via the medium of conference papers came to an abrupt end when the Australian National University did the unthinkable and lured Stephen from the warmth of Brisbane to the depths of Canberra

The Australian National University Canberra.  Toowoomba with the national capital as it was aptly described. A place that was designed to sit between Sydney and Melbourne as a lesson in why compromising on important issues leads to bad outcomes.  Apart from the odd minor outburst about living in a country town, most notably when trying to buy supplies or sophisticated electronics, Stephen adapted to Canberra reasonably well. 

Canberra, on the other hand, is still getting used to him.

With nothing to do in the evenings, afternoons or weekends that didn't involve work, the academic war machine went into one man over drive, producing 11 (two solo, nine coauthored) ANZMAC Conference papers for 8 successes, one special session, and four other conference papers and aa journal article, the finalisation of the Consumer Behaviour adaptation, the end game for the Competitive Marketing Strategy text, and taking one Autoassault characters up to level 70 maximum, and grinding three WoW characters into the level 30s. 

Somewhere in amongst that chaos, Stephen found time to sleep. Not a lot, but he did sleep more in 2006 than in 2005.  Scholars and scientists believe the lack of a Sascha cat's singing may have contributed to the enhanced sleep profile.  Others suspect the hibernation during winter, or the after effects of having been the first person to successfully burn down an easter egg in the name of art and science.

In 2007, the year of Taking Those Journals Seriously, Social Marketing Quarterly surrendered without a fight, and two other journals found themselves under siege.  One suggested coming back with a trebuchet, and the other hasn't rejected the paper yet. 

The International Cabal of Marketing Journal Editors are currently attempting to distract Stephen with offers of book contracts, consultancies and relatively good connection speeds to Autoassault.

This may not prove sufficient.

Autoassault collapsed inwards on itself, and the Cabal's desperate attempts to distract him resulted in World of Warcraft subscriptions, and a match made in dynamic short term markets as Stephen discovered the Auction house.  340 gold profit later, and it's more fun than grinding mobs or ganking Alliance gnomes.

Still, in late 2007, there were rumours and murmurings of new book, new articles and a big collection of research plans.  Lines are being drawn, books read, articles downloaded, and swathes of forest sacrificed in the name of preparation for the 2008 onslaught.

The game, they say, is afoot.

Disclaimer I didn't take this one as serious as the other one.  Much more interesting though innit?


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